Update Information

Version 1.6.1 Update!

● Before you update…
- You will need a Wi-Fi connection in order to update.
Please refer to the following link on how to connect to Wi-Fi:
(See #20 in the "Network" section of the FAQ.)

- Please be in an environment where there is a stable Wi-Fi connection.
Environments with unstable connection, such as those below,
may prevent the device from updating properly:

- a location with network congestion.
- an environment where connection can be easily lost, such as during transit.
- being near a microwave oven that is in use.

- Once the update begins, you will not be able to play with the device
until the update is complete.

- Do not turn off the power while updating.
Please do the update after or while the battery is fully charged.
Turning off the power during the update may result in the update not being performed properly or the play data being erased.