Tamagotchi overseas tour, "World Tamagotchi Tour" will be held again this year!

Input the 16-digit code into your Tamagotchi Uni device to get items!
You will get one of the following two items.



*One of the two types will be given.
*Please check each event's information about methods and conditions for the distribution.
*The DL Code you input and download from will be linked to the Tamagotchi Uni device you download it to.
*If necessary, you will be able to link the download to your Tamagotchi Uni device up to 3 times.
*Wi-Fi required for downloading.
*There will be no reissue of lost/damaged DL Codes.

By using the Tamagotchi Uni device's TAMA SEARCH, you might be able to meet event-exclusive Tamagotchi characters!

Angel and Monster

*Depending on the location, characters may not appear or characters other than the event-exclusive characters may appear.
* Updating to Version 2.0.0 or higher is required to play TAMA SEARCH.
* Wi-Fi required for updating.
* Internet fees may apply.

*There is a possibility that the exclusive "Original Tamagotchi Tama Time Travel" might become available in other events and stores.

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