• Is this product waterproof?

    No, this product is neither waterproof nor drip-proof.

  • Is there a communication function?

    No, there is no communication function.

  • Is there any linkage with the Tamagotchi Uni download code?

    There is no linkage with the Tamagotchi Uni download code.

  • How to switch to the clock screen?

    Please press B buttons when the Attention icon is not highlighted.

  • How to fix the clock?

    Press B to switch to the clock screen, then press A and C together to switch to the clock set screen.
    Press A to set the hour, press B to set the minute, and press C to confirm.

  • Is it possible to turn the sound on/off?

    Press A while pressing C button to switch ON and OFF.

  • What is the difference between GEN1 and GEN2?

    You can raise different Tamagotchi characters and you can play different games.

How to Play/Care

  • My Tamagotchi doesn't hatch.

    Please set the clock and wait for about 5minutes.

  • How many Tamagotchi characters can I raise?

    There are 6 Adult characters and 11 if you include the Baby, Child, and Teen characters as well as hidden characters.
    You can only raise one Tamagotchi character at a time.

  • The Tamagotchi character beeps even though it is full and happy.

    This is a sign of selfishness. Press the discipline icon and scold your Tamagotchi character if it:
    ・beeps at you even though it is full and happy
    ・won't eat when it is hungy
    ・won’t play games when it is not very happy

  • After my Tamagotchi character dies, a new egg doesn't appear, even when I hold the button.

    A new egg appears by pressing the A and C buttons together.

  • The data of the Tamagotchi character I raised has disappeared. Can the data be restored?

    No, lost data cannot be restored.


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